Review Of The Best Dog Crates For Your Choice

If you are looking a good crate for your puppy, the article is exactly what could help you work thing out. Please read the article to the end to find out how to buy the best dog crates, what kind of crates to choose and especially highly recommended dog crates.


How to Choose The Best Dog Crates

The size is of great importance

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There are some factors you have to take into account when choosing a crate for your pet, but I guess the most important thing is the size.

The crate must be spacious enough so that your dog may move around comfortably. It needs to allow your dog to sit up without hitting his head on the ceiling or to lie down and stretch his paws out freely but not be cramped.

But don’t buy a too big crate. Many people think that a too large crate may give their dog more room, therefore more comfort, but in fact, too large crates don’t give your pet the feeling of security and safety.

What kinds of crate to buy

Based on the material of the crate, we could divide the dog crate into four main types: wire crates, plastic crates, soft-sided crates and wooden crates.

Wire dog crate

When it comes to dog crates, the first one that comes to our mind is a wire dog crate, which is the most commonly used thanks to some advantages:

  • Easy to clean, the crate has a slide tray at the end so we could clean with ease
  • Great airflow, especially good for hot weather
  • Can be resized to fit growing dog

However, it stills have some disadvantages:

  • Give little shelter in cold weather
  • Intelligent dogs may easily escape from the crate
  • Noisy when your pet move around
  • Quite heavy, not suitable for traveling

Plastic dog crate

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The plastic dog crate is lighter than the wire dog crate, therefore more portable and commonly used for travel.


  • Lighter, more portable, easier to bring with
  • ​More difficult for your puppy to escape
  • ​Better insulation in cold weather
  • Plastic dog crates are usually airline approved (wire or metal ones are not), so you can bring your puppy with you when you need to get on the plane.


  • Plastic crates are usually not sturdy as wire crates
  • Not easily to clean inside
  • Not good ventilation, so your animal may feel uncomfortable staying inside

Soft-sided nylon dog crate

With the design like a cage, the soft-sided nylon crate is much lighter and portable than wire crate or plastic crate, which makes it a good choice for traveling.


  • It is made of fabric or canvas with strong metal frame. Hence, the dog crate is very light and portable.
  • Dog owners may easily fold and store the crate when it is not used.
  • Since the crate is soft, it is considered to be the most comfortable for your animals to stay inside


  • Because of the fragile material, the crate is not pretty sturdy and mostly suitable for small pets. Big dogs may chew the cover and get out.
  • The zipper is not secure, and your animals may learn how to unzip to get out.

Wooden dog crate

Among four types of dog crates, the wooden dog crate is the least popular yet the most expensive one. But you may consider the crate if you find dissatisfied with the other types of dog crates and have money to burn.


  • The crate usually has a beautiful look and may fit with the décor and furniture in your house.
  • The top may work as a usable surface.


  • The most expensive dog crate in comparison with the three mentioned above dog crates because of the material.
  • The wooden is usually too heavy to move around. Likewise, it hard for you to clean inside.
  • The crate is not for aggressive dogs since they could easily destroy wooden bars.
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Other factors to consider

Besides the size and materials, other factors that should be considered include security and safety, sturdiness, portability, ventilation, and insulation.

I guess safety and security should be put on to priority. The carte has to give your animal the feeling of security and safety staying inside.

Obviously, you want to buy a sturdy crate so that you don’t have to spend your hard-earned money buying new crates too regularly. Portability is also necessary in case you usually travel and want to bring your pet with you.

Ventilation and insulation are also of great importance. The crate needs to protect your puppy for external factors like heat, rain, wind but has to ensure a good airflow so that your animal feels comfortable inside.

Finally, you also need to check what material the crate is made of since the material usually decides sturdiness, portability, ventilation as well as insulation.

Best dog crates to buy


If you hope to find a wire or metal dog crate of high quality yet reasonable price, you should take a look at the metal dog crate. It has many positive reviews thanks to great advantages and affordable price. Also, this is also my favorite dog crate.


  • The most outstanding feature of the crate is that it is made of heavier gauge steel, so it is so sturdy and highly durable
  • There are various sizes of the crate, so you could choose the one that fit your pet
  • ​The crate is designed with divider panels, leak proof plastic pan to protect floors
  • ​It can fold flat, therefore easier for storage and travel
  • The steel bottom tray is replaced by the plastic one, then you could take it out with easy to clean


  • Because the crate is made of steel, it is too heavy to bring with if you want to take your puppy out
  • Little shelter, so your puppy is more exposed when the crate is left outdoors
  • ​The plastic tray may get broken easily
  • ​Rough spots on the edge of doorways may be dangerous to dog and dog owners


For those having an itchy foot, usually traveling but don’t want to leave your pet home, the crate is exactly what you need. Also, the crate is highly recommended for a cat or small dog. If you have a big one, I guess the crate should not be taken into consideration.


  • ​The most outstanding feature of the crate is its weight. The crate is quite light with easy collapses, so it is a good option for travel.
  • ​It has the sturdy metal frame, and sturdy netting for doors and side windows, which makes the crate is rather durable.
  • ​The netting for doors and side windows gives your great pet ventilation and allows you to keep an eye on your pets without taking his out of the crate.
  • ​The cover is made of washable fabric, which gives you more convenience when you need to wash the cover and clean the crate.


  • ​The zipper is quite weak, so your puppy can easily zip it with his paws or teeth. Especially, it is easy for the zipper to derail and once it derails, it is impossible to fix the zipper.
  • ​The screw inside the crate is pretty sharp and may hurt your animal.
  • The cover and net are fragile, so if your dog likes chewing things, you may get into big troubles.


This is one of the high-quality yet cost-saving crates for your puppy.


  • ​The crate offers a wide range of sizes, so you may choose the one that suits your dog most
  • ​The most noticeable feature of the crate is that it is so roomy that your pet may have more space for moving around, standing fully upright, lying down or stretching his paws inside the crate with great comfort
  • ​Another feature differentiating the crate from the others is the large doors, so you can easily clean the crate
  • ​In comparison with crates of the same features, the crate is much more cheaper
  • It is quite easy to assemble and take apart


  • ​The mental bars and the doors are quite weak, so an aggressive and determined dog might bend the bars with his teeth easily
  • ​The door is quite loose and your puppy could open the door on his own and escape from the crate
  • There are too big gaps at the tops corner where the crate folds down, and your dogs may get stuck between the bars

I think that the crate may suit medium and large size dogs. Also, only buy this for well-mannered and gentle dogs since aggressive ones may easily ruin the crate, so you will definitely buy a new one.


The lovely dog crate will certainly live up to your expectation if you want to find a beautiful home for your pet. The dog home is highly recommended for cold weather thanks to great insulation.


  • ​As I have mentioned before, the crate is a great home for your pet in cold weather thanks to great insulation. The crate can keep your pet snug and warm inside in the winter. Also, it increases the level of protection when it rains or snows and you can’t get home quickly
  • ​You could order the door flap to keep wind or water going inside the crate.
  • ​The crate is quite beautiful, so I’m sure you are your dog will love it.
  • ​The crate could be used as home for cats also.
  • Good price for a product with the beautiful design and great feature.


  • ​The airflow inside the crate is not quite good, so your puppy my feel hot and uncomfortable in hot weather.
  • ​The crate is not totally waterproof, and it leaks rain water at the seam during the halves.
  • Though the doghouse is quote sturdy, it still easily gets broken when transported.

In general, the dog home is highly functional in the winter but don’t put it outside in the rain since it will be filled with water. Also, it is not advisable to use the crate in the hot weather.


Another wire crate that I think you may like is the Petco Classic 1- Door Dog Crate. Like other wire dog crate, it gives your puppy great ventilation, but the crate also offers you and your pet a variety of benefits.


  • ​A lot of dog owners like the crate since it is quite big therefore gives more space for the dog to move around inside. Also, it is well ventilated.
  • ​There is a handle on the top, which makes the crate like a suitcase, then you can pick it up with ease
  • ​The bottom tray could slide out, which makes it much easier to clean the tray and the crate
  • ​There is a divider to adjust the space inside the crate to fit your pet. Also, it gives more convenience for dog training


  • ​The ends of the wires are pretty sharp, and your dog may hurt or even slice his paws
  • ​The tray can easily get broken.
  • ​Due to the material, the crate is quite heavy, which makes it inconvenient for you to handle or move it around.
  • ​The crate is not sturdy enough for too aggressive and rambunctious dogs.
  • Like other wire crates, the crate doesn’t offer good insulation, so you shouldn’t leave your pet in the crate outdoor when it rains or snows.


Based on the above analysis and comparison, the fact I need to underline here is that each crate has its advantages and disadvantages, and none of the crates could be 100% good, but I highly recommend Petco Classic 1- Door Dog Crate.

Of the mentioned crates, Petco Classic 1- Door Dog Crate is considered to be the sturdiest. Also, it is quite safe and secure for your animal to stay inside. The crate also provides good ventilation and enough room for your dog to stay inside comfortably. The crate could be ranked a great dog crate with reasonable price.

If you haven’t found out a great dog crate, don’t hesitate to try this one. I’m sure you will feel as satisfied as I am.

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