How to choose the Best Flea Treatment for Dogs? Ultimate Buying Guide

In spite of the fact that fleas might be fairly tiny, they can totally lead your lovely dogs to skin infections, hot spots, and excessive itching as well. Generally speaking, by taking a proper flea preventive measure, these undesirable conditions can definitely be released as well as easily be prevented. If you don’t want your lovely dog to experience uncomfortable infestations from fleas, read, use the best flea treatment for dogs that are listed below. We are certain that these useful treatments will enable you to wipe fleas out of your lovely dogs and help your dog to avoid unwanted infestations in the future.

What Are Fleas?

What Are Fleas

Fleas are known as parasitic insects that completely don’t have wings. In reality, there are plenty kinds of fleas, more than 2000.

Adult fleas often have flat bodies and are small in size. They appear in many varieties of colors from black to reddish brown. It is undeniable that fleas are too small to see easily. Their size is from only 1/16 to 1/8 (about 1 – 2.5mm) of one inch long.

Due to its small size, you will find it difficult to find fleas on your dog. Thus, you can only depend on the existence of flea dirt to make sure whether your lovely dog has undesirable fleas or not.

Flea dirt is also considered as flea poop that is made up of dried blood. And it often looks like black specks that appear on the skin of your dog. When these specks are wet and they turn into reddish brown color, it is a certain sign that fleas are on your pet.

How do you know that Your Dog has fleas?

How do you know that Your Dog has fleas

Below are some typical signs that most veterinarians suggest those who have pets keeping their eyes on them – even when you don’t believe that those tiny fleas might get into every corner of your home.

Pale Gums

Pale gums are clearly a typical signal of anemia and indicate that your lovely pet suffers from an undesirable condition due to flea infestations. The reason for this lies in the fact that the very small amount of red blood newly created by your cats or dogs is not adequate to compensate a large amount of blood loss fleas take from your pet.

Unusual Scratching, Biting and/or Licking

Fleas are considered as opportunistic arthropods. Their main food source is the blood of our pets. “Once these small fleas get into your lovely pet by crawling and jumping, they often establish their habitat in places that are difficult to see and reach such as groin, armpits, tail, neck, or even head.”

Additionally, “abnormal scratching, biting, or licking at hard-to-recognize places are typically sure signs that indicate the existence of small and persistent parasites – fleas.”

Flea “Dirt.”

Have you ever paid attention to small reddish-brown or black specks on the body of your pet or in some areas surround your house? Those specks might be flea “dirt,” which is truly flea feces included digested blood.

Hair Loss

Alopecia (also considered as hair loss) might come from various reasons. One of the most important causes is the reaction to flea’s bites. Your pet might pull out few of its hair because of the unceasing licking as well as biting of the areas that fleas bite.

Abnormal Red Dots on Pet’s Skin

Saliva from flea’s bite can bring about unwanted allergies for your cats or dogs. In fact, these undesirable allergic reactions do not appear only on the bitten area. Flea bite hypersensitivity can also lead to lesions or even rashes anywhere on your pet’s body.

3 Simple Ways to Check Your Dog For Fleas at Home

If your lovely dog is itching unusually, it is a great idea to keep your eyes on it for any signals of fleas. Below are the 3 easy methods that you can use to check your pets easily.

1. Take A Flea Comb to Help Your Dog Get Rid Of Fleas

Let’s take a flea comb to protect your pet.

With the help of this useful and inexpensive item, you will no longer have to pick off every flea individually. We highly recommend this flea comb because it has a double row of teeth.

Moreover, it completely just costs under 5 dollars. Also, it works effectively on your dogs with medium length hair.

In reality, when using this comb on your dog, the fleas are stuck between the double rows of teeth. Therefore, remember to prepare a bowl of hot water to dip them into after finishing each swipe.

Also, you can kill these fleas by compressing them down; however, they can take advantage of the opportunity to escape by jumping fairly far. Hence, the easiest and most efficient is to dunk them in a bowl of hot water.

2. Simple Test with White Towel

It becomes much easier for you to check your lovely dog for fleas, all you need is just a test with a white towel.

An easy and simple way to help you distinguish the typical difference between flea “dirt” and regular dirt is to drench some black specks falling off your dog (or found in areas around your house) with the help of a white paper towel that uses water sprayer.

If these specks turn from a black to a reddish-brown color, this shows you the digested blood which fleas have passed through your pet’s body and finally excreted.

3. Wear white socks

Another simple and effective method that you can totally adapt to look for flea dirt in your own house is putting on a pair of white socks and walking through some areas your dogs often frequents.

In fact, flea dirt and/or fleas might be easily picked up by the texture of the socks and will be prominent in the white color.

​5 best flea treatment for dogs reviews


The most noticeable thing is that Frontline Plus is powerful at eliminating both ticks and fleas whether they are old or have just hatched.

Moreover, this product keeps your dogs from re-infestation attacking again up to one month. Don’t worry that when your dog bathes or swims after you have applied Front Plus because it is an impermeable product.

It is clear that there are two main active ingredients which made up Frontline Plus: s-methoprene and fipronil. These two ingredients altogether function as killing fleas and ticks, containing larvae and eggs. In reality, it protects your family and your dog from ticks that may carry a dangerous disease which is called Lyme.

This product has different formulas. Thus it is suitable for your dogs in all sizes.

Another bonus point for Front Plus is that you only have to apply it for your dog one time per month. Therefore, it is very economical as you can one Frontline Plus for 6 months.

However, you must be surprised at the result because in less than 24 hours after using, it can completely kill all fleas for one month in minimum.


  • For all 45 to 88-pound dogs aged 8 weeks and older
  • Easy to use with only 3 steps
  • Dual active ingredients for maximum effectiveness
  • Kills both fleas and ticks in all life stages
  • Suitable for dogs of all sizes because it is available in a wide range of formulas
  • It is secure for nursing and pregnant dogs


  • It cost more money to use than other topical preventives
  • Not suggested for dogs and puppies which weight under 5 pounds or have age less than 8 weeks
  • You should not bathe your dogs or cats within 24 hours after applying this product as water may wash away some of the product.


Cap Guard is exactly the product you need for your dog because it quickly shows its effectiveness by killing disgusting fleas. You only have to make a purchase, which is over-the-counter available, apply it to your dog and wait for the result within 30 minutes.

According to many reliable kinds of research, Cap Guard takes 6 hours to kill adult fleas on dogs, whereas it takes shorter time on cats: 4 hours.

This product is safe for dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens, providing that they weight equal or over 2 pounds, and they must have a lifespan of 4 weeks.

Within 30 minutes after using this product, you may see some reactions like your dog or cat begins scratching itself, however, this will soon end. The scratching behavior is not a side effect of the drug; this is just a normal reaction as fleas start to die.

Moreover, this may appear as temporary signs of excessive grooming/licking, panting, vocalization, and hyperactivity.

Cap Guard may be combined with heartworm preventatives, corticosteroids, antibiotics, vaccines, de-worming medications, shampoos and other flea products to gain higher effectiveness.


  • Secure for nursing or pregnant dogs and cats
  • With one tablet, you can easily kill adult fleas on your pet
  • Starts showing its effectiveness within 30 minutes
  • Contains Nitenpyram, Veterinarian, which is recommended for your pets


  • Remember to read, understand and follow the label and use directions
  • The weakness is that it only kills the adult fleas, not including eggs and larvae


Capstar for Dogs and Cats is a tablet which is put over the counter. This is a useful thing to eradicate fleas out of your dogs taking less than 30 minutes for an administration of the act. The flea treatment not only kills fleas but also prevents canines from infectious diseases caused by fleas.

Both cats and dogs which are no younger than four weeks and weight from 2 to 25 pounds are safe with this treatment. Besides, dogs whose weight is more than 25 pounds have their own treatment.

If you are looking for a specially fast treatment solution for your dogs which can treat fleas in few minutes, capstar for dogs is the best option. It just needs one dose to protect your dogs from flea infestation. These simple-to-manage tablets play the role of short-term treatment and supply direct relief.

Functions of nitepyram- a potent ingredient in Capstar are like these of neurotoxin. Furthermore, this sustain hinders neural messages from transmitting through a central system which controls nervousness of parasites, which leads to death.

Capstar is also an ideal option in case that fleas are noticeable on your pets. After only a few minutes of treating your pets with these tablets, fleas on your pets' body will drop down. Excessive itch may happen in first few hours you administer this treatment. However, it will decelerate at some time.


  • Kills mature fleas rapidly
  • Rarely has side effects
  • No mess
  • Does not require prescription
  • Uses for small cats and dogs less than 25 pounds
  • Kills fleas in 6 hours with cats and 4 hours with dogs


  • Does not kill larvae or eggs of fleas
  • Pets may reluctantly take pill


Are you finding an all-in-one treatment for mature fleas as well as their eggs? You may need a flea spray. The main benefit of flea spray is that besides your dogs' body, you can use it on his/her bedding and home surfaces as well. Have a go with Vet's Best Natural Flea and Tick Spray!

Unlike most flea sprays on the market nowadays manufactured with toxic chemicals, Vet's Best Natural Flea and Tick Spray is manufactured with main natural ingredients such as clove extract and peppermint oil. Non-staining formula not only kills mature fleas and their eggs but also keeps your pets from repels mosquitoes and ticks.

Directly spray over your dogs' hair with the formula until moist, then massage your dogs until the formula reaches their skin. Do that again if needed.

The non-staining formula can be used outdoor, in the yard or indoor, on home surfaces like pillows, upholstery, blankets, carpets and pet bedding. Made in the USA and proven to work effectively.


  • Manufactured with naturally vigorous ingredients
  • Harmless to use around children and pets
  • Its formula is non-staining
  • Simple to apply
  • Ability to use outdoors and indoors
  • Kills all mature fleas, their eggs, repels mosquitoes and ticks


  • Does not suitable for puppies less than 12 weeks old
  • Allergic and irritation can be caused in humans if contact for longer period of time
  • May cause some dog's sensitivity, not proposed for cats


No matter what dogs do, get into the rubbish or make a hold in the garden to keep an old shoe, they are still dogs. Seresto can help to protect your dogs from ticks and fleas for incessant 8 months.

This advanced Sustained Release Technology of Seresto offers effective ticks and fleas protection in a non-greasy and easy-applying collar.

Seresto is an exceptional collar of polymer that continuously provides two energetic ingredients: flumethrin and imidacloprid. These two substances effectively protect your dogs against ticks and fleas for 8 months.

Despite 8-month treatment, Seresto is an odorless, convenient, non-greasy ticks and fleas collar.

The collar stores active ingredients in it, which are discharged in low focus as well as are spread out your dogs' skin and hair for 8 months.

When active ingredients dismiss in effect over time, this collar continuously refills a new active ingredient to supply to your dogs' skin and hair. Seresto does not require the ticks and fleas to bite the dogs to kill them; it just requires them to get in touch with the active components.


  • Provides monthly protection against ticks, fleas and insects
  • Non-greasy and fragrance-free
  • Releases safety in two ways
  • Has resistance to water for frequently swimming and bathing
  • Simple to wear and comfortable


  • Not suggested for under 18 pounds dogs and puppies less than 7 weeks old
  • Effective time is reduced to 5 months in cases dogs often wear it when swimming

Final thoughts

Many dog owners worry about fleas- an inevitable fact of their life, whether fleas cause infection for them or not. Luckily, preventative measure along with clever observation can prevent them from being more serious.

If fleas have got onto your dogs lately, do not panic. We understand the heartbreaking feeling when your best friend is uncomfortable, so we suggest that you apply best flea treatment for dogs. The sooner you apply, the sooner both of you will become normal again.

How Often Should A Puppy Poop? All You Need to Know

How often should a puppy poop? Whenever my friends get a new puppy, they always ask me this question. Conventionally, the kind and the manner of defecation of your puppy depend much on how much food she consumes and how healthy your puppy is.

There is no exact scientific evidence for this; however, there is a guideline for you to take before clearly understanding your pet’s habits. Let me show you clearly about how things commonly work.

How often should a puppy poop

How often should a puppy poop

Conventionally, immediately after having meal or 30 minutes later, dogs usually have a tendency to eliminate. At first, you should nominate your pet dog while she’s having her meal until it’s done. Then, if she has any signs indicating that she wants to eliminate, take your dog out.

Generally, a dog will poop 1 to 2 times a day; however, there are exceptions, they may do 3 to 4 times a day. That depends much on how your dogs’ eating habits are and their physical activity intensity.

If a dog tends to poop 1-5 times per day, there are many factors deciding whether it is normal or not. You must know how much food your pet consumes in the previous day, her age and her fiber diet level. Actually, an adult dog tends to defecate far less than a puppy.

Otherwise, your dog’s defecation is relatively different from normal habits. This may be because she hasn’t eaten enough. In fact, the food amount your puppy eats has a strong impact on the way she poops.

The more a dog exercises, the more she may poop. It would be better to feed your dog on a proper schedule than do this freely; otherwise, it will promote her to poop frequently.

My dog poops a lot

My dog poops a lot

If your dog poops a lot, it may indicate that she has overeaten, more than her need. Or maybe that food is not suitable for her. Make sure your dog eats enough food at her need, health condition, and lifestyle. Reduce amount or divide her food into many small meals to feed in a day, then see whether her digestion improves.

  • Don’t use leftover from the table to feed your pet dog. Moreover, you must also ensure that she does not steal anything from the kitchen or garbage bin. Because this will make your dog poop more often.
  • Changing the diet of your dog suddenly can have great impacts on her tools. You should gradually change your dog’s diet with different foods, about one week or longer. In case there is no good response, you should feed her old food.


Food has a strong impact on the defecation of your puppy; therefore, make sure to feed her well-qualified food. The cheap one usually contains a great amount of grain, particularly cornmeal, which will irritate her digestive tract as well as can lead to loose tools.

Search and use the food without wheat or corn for your dog. Read its ingredients carefully and feed her with the food containing only one kind of grain-rice as well as a certain amount of meat. If your dog has loose tools, the best way is to feed her steamed rice.

Fiber in dog food

Fiber in dog food

Too little or too much fiber can lead to diarrhea or constipation.

Fiber plays an important role in improving your dog’s digestive problem as well as controlling her weight. It is added to a dog’s diet. However, overuse can have bad effects; therefore you should carefully monitor the bowel movements of your pet dog to make sure you feed her properly.

Check the kibble's label carefully that you use for feeding your puppy as well as it fiber sources. Fiber which is of high quality will contain oats, brown rice and vegetables. Foods with wheat, white rice and corn contain lots of dispensable filler as well as aren’t for your dog’s health.

Constipated pet

Constipated pet

A dog’s constipation happens when she lacks in exercise and water intake. In that case, you should feed your dog canned pumpkin. It contains a large amount of fiber that helps to prevent compaction during the process of digesting food.

One considerable reason may be because she has swallowed anything causing to block the intestine. In that case, your dog can be vomit or in pain. It would be better to have a vet check your puppy.

Besides, extra oil contained in the food of your puppy can help in controlling constipated.

How long can a dog go without pooping?

There are many different situations. However, if your dog has not eliminated for 2 days, she might suffer from constipated. In this case, visit a veterinarian immediately will be best.


How often should a puppy poop? You have had your answer already.

A new pet puppy will give you new feeling and great fun. Make sure to feed her with high-quality food as well as train your dog properly at the beginning to avoid trouble with her for the time being.

When can I take my puppy outside? How to protect your dog

You must have been happy when possessing a puppy at the first time and definitely desire to take it the outside world. Nevertheless, you should be careful when doing so because the health of your dog may be not strong enough to fight against all diseases outside.

When can I take my puppy outside? Follow these tips listed below to make sure your puppy safe when going outside.

When can I take my puppy outside

Use Extreme Caution until after Vaccinations

It is clear that many types of dangerous and even potentially deadly viruses such as Distemper and Parvovirus may be found in any infected dogs. So, you should keep your puppy at home till they are strong enough.

This appears so careful, but in reality, your puppy is improving its immune system during this stage. Thus, the risk of catching dangerous diseases is very high. That is the reason why you should keep your puppy in the comfort zone until they are mature enough to fight harmful factors.

For above reasons, instead of allowing your dog to be exposed to other dogs immediately after the last vaccination booster – usually at the age of 14 - 16 weeks, you are advised to wait for another 1 - 2 weeks.

Arm Your Puppy

Arm Your Puppy

In the first time when you take your puppy to the outside world, it is important to keep it safe and strong. Hence, you should hold it on your arm so that it can get acquainted with everything outside instead of letting it touch anything directly. In addition, doing so also makes the relationship between you and your puppy closer.

In case you cannot carry it because of its big size or your personal conditions, you may think of a stroller. If your house doesn’t have one, let’s ask for it from your friends. Besides, you may also need a comfortable blanket or a netting to protect your puppy from mosquito before strolling.

Be involved with your dog

Make sure that you not only help your puppy get used to new things but also make it happy when going out with you. To do this, you have to be involved and interact directly with it with a friendly, confident and cheerful attitude instead of just standing and watching it. Providing your puppy with some favorite toys may be useful.

Have Some Furry Friends Over

Have Some Furry Friends Over

It is important to mingle puppies with both people and other dogs. You can socialize with your dog gradually at home like the way you do with people.

Before allowing other dogs to meet your puppy, you should take into account some factors below:

  • A visiting dog has to finish all its vaccinations.
  • That dog hasn’t come to the dog park or vet recently because there are so many potential parasites and germs in such places.
  • ​It has been controlled and trained fully.
  • ​Its size is almost equal to your dog’s size.
  • Its owner knows the puppy socialization pretty well.

You need to manage every interaction between a visiting dog and your puppy to prevent unexpected fights timely. But some little plays are beneficial too. Besides, you certainly wish that your puppy can make friends with other dogs.

Visit places where there are not a lot of dogs

Be involved with you dog

While doing the socializing is necessary to a puppy, keeping it away from infectious diseases such as parvo is important too. According to the rule-of-thumb, you shouldn’t take it to places containing many unidentified dogs such as pet stores or dog parks until your puppy receives all vaccinations after 16 weeks.

Some simple methods to support for pup socialization are letting puppy exposed to various surfaces and sounds, traveling by car, taking it to relatives’ and friends’ homes, and joining puppy classes.

Be Vigilant while your Dog Explores

It is completely natural for your pup to discover unknown things outside. As usual, a dog intends to explore the world by collecting things with her or his mouth. However, you should be careful to keep your puppy away from feces from other animals or dogs. You also need to bring with gifts for your pup like meat or cheese to attract its attention rapidly.

Talk to your vet

It is useful to talk and listen to your puppy regularly. In case, an epidemic appears in the community of local wildlife; you should take more prevention if necessary. However, you don’t have to worry so much because your puppy is less likely to catch such diseases.

In general, your vet intends to take much more care of the risk of catching parvovirus instead of the possibility that a dog may bite a 2-year-old child. Therefore, he may not be responsible for that thing.

You should take into consideration two cases thoroughly. The first is that if you let your Labrador puppy go outside, it may explore more things but are likely to catch parvovirus. Meanwhile, the second is to raise your puppy indoors until it receives full vaccinations.

While this ensures your puppy’s safety, it has a risk of poor socialization, insignificant progress in training as well as having less fun.

Socialize with Humans

You don’t have to wait 16 weeks to help your puppy with socialization because it is almost impossible to transmit the disease from human to dog. So, you should create opportunities as many as possible to help it get used to the outside world by taking it to wherever you go if possible.

During the waiting time before letting your dog experience new things outside, you can train it to do good habits like obedience.

Read Your Puppy’s Reactions

When a dog feels frightened or stressed, you can easily realize some signs such as cowering, whining/whimpering, flattened ears, tucked tail and so on. If you discover such reactions to new situations of your puppy, keep calm and let it get acquainted with it gradually. Relieve its mind and get it out of that situation wisely.

Progress in Stages

Let’s begin step by step and don’t be so hurried. Instead of taking your dog to noisy places where there are many dogs running everywhere in the first place, you should let it get used to other dogs and the surrounding environment slowly. Therefore, meeting one or two dogs and exposure to the place with less noise before strolling on a busy street is suitable for the first time.

Limit Exposure

Don’t try to force your little puppy to learn so many new things for a short time because it can’t handle all of them. Accordingly, it is better to introduce a few new experiences in a single day so that your pup can learn and practice them. Besides, don’t forget to repeat previous lessons and make experiences more interesting to it.

Always Supervise Interactions

Always Supervise Interactions

One method you shouldn’t apply to help your puppy with socialization is the “sink-or-swim” method. You may make your puppy more frightened if you just take it to a place and then leave it alone with all strangers and other dogs. Although your puppy really wants to know more about the surrounding environment, it also really needs your presence there to bring the feeling of safety.

That you usually stay with it also helps improve the interaction between it and you in particular and people at large as well as it and other types of animals. You need to remember that it is good for your puppy to play but a proper level. At the same time, teaching your pup not to behave badly such as barking or biting is important as well.


When can I take my puppy outside? It’s easily understandable if you expect to let your puppy out to see novelty things and talk and play with other puppies. Anyway, try to create the best environment for your puppy to achieve interesting experiences.

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