Can Dogs Eat Pork? And 12 Things You Need To Know About Dogs Food

Nowadays, it is very common to own a dog. Dog’s food is always one of the hottest topics to discuss around your pets. As convenient as it is, you just can shop any kinds of processed food specialized for dogs in the store. It is available in different favors like fish, pork, chicken or even veggie. However, what if you want your dogs to eat fresh food, more tasty and nutritious? Unlike human, dogs can’t eat everything that we eat. You will probably have tons of questions: can dogs eat pork? Or seaweed? Or even cream cheese?


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Keep reading to find out more interesting ideas.

1. Can Dogs Eat Pork? A Big Yes But Should Be Cooked

In my opinion, pork is considered as a “pink” meat. It contains more myoglobin than white meat like chicken and fish, but less than other red meat like beef. And pork becomes white after cooking, unlike red meat becomes darker.

It is SAFE to feed your dogs with pork, but the meat should be well-cooked. Eating undercooked or raw pork can lead to parasite infection, intestinal roundworms and trichinosis to your dogs. With the weak immune system, your dogs might experience very uncomfortable symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, stomached, fever. In this case, pay attention to your dog's behavior and bring them to the vets.

can dogs eat pork

Regarding the cooking part, it is highly recommended to marinate pork simply with salt only and be careful with other spices such as onion powder, nutmeg and garlic powder which contains highly toxic. Especially BBQ sauce should be avoided. Many seasonings are mainly just salt and sugar. They look tasty but will be a risk for your dogs to have high blood pressure.

Then there will be another question: is it safe to feed dogs with leftover bones? Dogs love bones, so why not?

Yes, it is possible to feed bones, but make sure they are high quality. After cooking, bones tend to be fragile and brittle. Your dogs will be in big trouble if the bones are broken into small pieces while chewing. Again, be careful.

2. Can Dogs Eat Seaweed? Yes, And Also Good For You

can dogs eat Seaweed

Human need green foods, similar to our dogs, also need veggie supplements. There are a lot of researchers found benefits in seaweed. Seaweed contains 25% protein and 2% fat, rich in minerals and amino acids. It can maximize the immune systems, anti aging process, and cancer reduction. In overall, this plant from Japan can promote the longevity in animals.

Even though seaweed tastes salty, but it doesn’t have a high salt level. The taste comes from its nature. Some studies also show seaweeds may be helpful for diabetes and heart conditions.

3. Can Dogs Eat Egg Yolk? Maybe And In A Considerable Amount

can dogs eat egg yolk

Egg yolk is the best part of eggs and an important source of nutrition. You can feed your dogs with raw or cooked egg yolk. It will not be a problem unless your dogs have allergies to eggs or they are overfed with eggs. The ideal portion should not be over 3 or 4 times per week, with one egg per time. The white part of eggs contains enzyme inhibitors, which makes the dogs difficult to digest.

4. Can Dogs Eat Clams? Yes But Be Careful With The Shell

can dogs eat clams

Clams fall under the category of seafood that is high in calcium. Its benefits can enhance the strength of teeth, bones, and nails. It’s a good idea to provide a bit of calm to their food; however, take out the “meat” of the shells for safety before feeding your dogs. Also, cook it in plain is recommended.

5. Can Dogs Eat Cream Cheese? Maybe, But Not Recommended

can dogs eat cream cheese

It is fine to feed your dogs with cream cheese but consider the pros and cons; I will not recommend it. Cream cheese contains fats and calories, plus sugar. It may make your dog’s diarrhea if consuming too much. It’s not harmful, but it doesn’t bring any benefits, even compared to regular basic food dogs in the store.

6. Can Dogs Eat Chicken Skin? No, Unless You Want Your Dogs To Gain Weight

Chicken skin is full of fat and sometimes is sold separately from the chicken meat itself. People in diet will not love to eat it, even though it is tasty and chewing. Your dogs might encounter digesting problems if eating fat from the chicken skin.

can dogs eat chicken skin

7. Can Dogs Eat Guava? No, It's Dangerous

can dogs eat guava

Guava or apple guava is very delicious and high levels of vitamins and fibers. However, it gets a big warning for dog’s food. It is considered as a toxic. Plus, the seeds is so tiny to make your dogs choke easily.

8. Can Dogs Eat Honey Nut Cheerios? Maybe But It Can Make Your Dogs Fat

can dogs eat Honey nut Cheerios

Cheerios is the best option for your breakfast, but this is not surely good for your dogs. Cheerios is normally made up with whole grain oats, cornstarch, pure cane sugar, and salt. It will add more honey for the flavor. Eating in a small quantity is fine, but too much salt and sugar are not good.

9. Can Dogs Eat Lobster? Maybe Yes, Maybe No

can dogs eat lobster

Lobster is a kind of seafood as well. Your dogs will have no problem to eat lobster if there is no allergic history. It’s always smart to take care of the preparation process not to upset their stomach. Moreover, lobster contains a high level of sodium. Too much sodium leads to kidney damage. It is advisable to feed lobster in a small quantity.

10. Can Dogs Eat Persimmons? A Big No

can dogs eat Persimmons

Even though persimmons seeds are not poisonous, their shapes can choke your dogs, especially the young baby ones. Persimmons are found to inflame dogs intestines. Please don’t complicate your dogs’ life with this fruit.

11. Can Dogs Eat Prunes? No Also

can dogs eat Prunes

Prunes are good to prevent constipation for human, but it can be a reason for kidney failure to dogs. It is a dried plum that contains high sugar. Your dogs might experience the following symptoms: diarrhea, vomiting, cramping, bloating and loss of appetite.

12. Can Dogs Eat Wasabi? No And Also For Any Kinds Of Spicy Foods

can dogs eat wasabi

Wasabi is obviously spicy. Dogs are unlike human, can enjoy the spicy level in food. Wasabi can cause pain and digest disordered for your dogs. Wasabi doesn’t taste good without sushi, why do you want your dogs to go through this?


The list of food can last forever, and I can’t dig deeper than that. Just keep in mind the main food that should and shouldn’t feed your dogs. Also, different types of dogs or even same types but each individual will have different diets. You can watch videos on YouTube for more reference.

One of my favorites is this one:

As cliché as it is, you want to treat your dog as a real friend or a family member. The ideal way is to share whatever you eat to your dogs as you will not feed yourself badly, right? And you can’t say No to your baby when he looks at your eyes and begs for food.

However, please don’t melt your heart so easily to offer what he wants because it may cause dangerous health effect later. Be cautious about the ingredients and get a habit to read food labels. It is also good for your diet as well. Until you get used to your dogs' daily basic food consumption, you will not find it difficult to select the suitable food anymore.

A healthy dog is a happy dog. Don’t you agree with me?

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