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When can I take my puppy outside? How to protect your dog

You must have been happy when possessing a puppy at the first time and definitely desire to take it the outside world. Nevertheless, you should be careful when doing so because the health of your dog may be not strong enough to fight against all diseases outside.

When can I take my puppy outside? Follow these tips listed below to make sure your puppy safe when going outside.

When can I take my puppy outside

Use Extreme Caution until after Vaccinations

It is clear that many types of dangerous and even potentially deadly viruses such as Distemper and Parvovirus may be found in any infected dogs. So, you should keep your puppy at home till they are strong enough.

This appears so careful, but in reality, your puppy is improving its immune system during this stage. Thus, the risk of catching dangerous diseases is very high. That is the reason why you should keep your puppy in the comfort zone until they are mature enough to fight harmful factors.

For above reasons, instead of allowing your dog to be exposed to other dogs immediately after the last vaccination booster – usually at the age of 14 - 16 weeks, you are advised to wait for another 1 - 2 weeks.

Arm Your Puppy

Arm Your Puppy

In the first time when you take your puppy to the outside world, it is important to keep it safe and strong. Hence, you should hold it on your arm so that it can get acquainted with everything outside instead of letting it touch anything directly. In addition, doing so also makes the relationship between you and your puppy closer.

In case you cannot carry it because of its big size or your personal conditions, you may think of a stroller. If your house doesn’t have one, let’s ask for it from your friends. Besides, you may also need a comfortable blanket or a netting to protect your puppy from mosquito before strolling.

Be involved with your dog

Make sure that you not only help your puppy get used to new things but also make it happy when going out with you. To do this, you have to be involved and interact directly with it with a friendly, confident and cheerful attitude instead of just standing and watching it. Providing your puppy with some favorite toys may be useful.

Have Some Furry Friends Over

Have Some Furry Friends Over

It is important to mingle puppies with both people and other dogs. You can socialize with your dog gradually at home like the way you do with people.

Before allowing other dogs to meet your puppy, you should take into account some factors below:

  • A visiting dog has to finish all its vaccinations.
  • That dog hasn’t come to the dog park or vet recently because there are so many potential parasites and germs in such places.
  • ​It has been controlled and trained fully.
  • ​Its size is almost equal to your dog’s size.
  • Its owner knows the puppy socialization pretty well.

You need to manage every interaction between a visiting dog and your puppy to prevent unexpected fights timely. But some little plays are beneficial too. Besides, you certainly wish that your puppy can make friends with other dogs.

Visit places where there are not a lot of dogs

Be involved with you dog

While doing the socializing is necessary to a puppy, keeping it away from infectious diseases such as parvo is important too. According to the rule-of-thumb, you shouldn’t take it to places containing many unidentified dogs such as pet stores or dog parks until your puppy receives all vaccinations after 16 weeks.

Some simple methods to support for pup socialization are letting puppy exposed to various surfaces and sounds, traveling by car, taking it to relatives’ and friends’ homes, and joining puppy classes.

Be Vigilant while your Dog Explores

It is completely natural for your pup to discover unknown things outside. As usual, a dog intends to explore the world by collecting things with her or his mouth. However, you should be careful to keep your puppy away from feces from other animals or dogs. You also need to bring with gifts for your pup like meat or cheese to attract its attention rapidly.

Talk to your vet

It is useful to talk and listen to your puppy regularly. In case, an epidemic appears in the community of local wildlife; you should take more prevention if necessary. However, you don’t have to worry so much because your puppy is less likely to catch such diseases.

In general, your vet intends to take much more care of the risk of catching parvovirus instead of the possibility that a dog may bite a 2-year-old child. Therefore, he may not be responsible for that thing.

You should take into consideration two cases thoroughly. The first is that if you let your Labrador puppy go outside, it may explore more things but are likely to catch parvovirus. Meanwhile, the second is to raise your puppy indoors until it receives full vaccinations.

While this ensures your puppy’s safety, it has a risk of poor socialization, insignificant progress in training as well as having less fun.

Socialize with Humans

You don’t have to wait 16 weeks to help your puppy with socialization because it is almost impossible to transmit the disease from human to dog. So, you should create opportunities as many as possible to help it get used to the outside world by taking it to wherever you go if possible.

During the waiting time before letting your dog experience new things outside, you can train it to do good habits like obedience.

Read Your Puppy’s Reactions

When a dog feels frightened or stressed, you can easily realize some signs such as cowering, whining/whimpering, flattened ears, tucked tail and so on. If you discover such reactions to new situations of your puppy, keep calm and let it get acquainted with it gradually. Relieve its mind and get it out of that situation wisely.

Progress in Stages

Let’s begin step by step and don’t be so hurried. Instead of taking your dog to noisy places where there are many dogs running everywhere in the first place, you should let it get used to other dogs and the surrounding environment slowly. Therefore, meeting one or two dogs and exposure to the place with less noise before strolling on a busy street is suitable for the first time.

Limit Exposure

Don’t try to force your little puppy to learn so many new things for a short time because it can’t handle all of them. Accordingly, it is better to introduce a few new experiences in a single day so that your pup can learn and practice them. Besides, don’t forget to repeat previous lessons and make experiences more interesting to it.

Always Supervise Interactions

Always Supervise Interactions

One method you shouldn’t apply to help your puppy with socialization is the “sink-or-swim” method. You may make your puppy more frightened if you just take it to a place and then leave it alone with all strangers and other dogs. Although your puppy really wants to know more about the surrounding environment, it also really needs your presence there to bring the feeling of safety.

That you usually stay with it also helps improve the interaction between it and you in particular and people at large as well as it and other types of animals. You need to remember that it is good for your puppy to play but a proper level. At the same time, teaching your pup not to behave badly such as barking or biting is important as well.


When can I take my puppy outside? It’s easily understandable if you expect to let your puppy out to see novelty things and talk and play with other puppies. Anyway, try to create the best environment for your puppy to achieve interesting experiences.

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