How Often Should A Puppy Poop? All You Need to Know

How often should a puppy poop? Whenever my friends get a new puppy, they always ask me this question. Conventionally, the kind and the manner of defecation of your puppy depend much on how much food she consumes and how healthy your puppy is.

There is no exact scientific evidence for this; however, there is a guideline for you to take before clearly understanding your pet’s habits. Let me show you clearly about how things commonly work.

How often should a puppy poop

How often should a puppy poop

Conventionally, immediately after having meal or 30 minutes later, dogs usually have a tendency to eliminate. At first, you should nominate your pet dog while she’s having her meal until it’s done. Then, if she has any signs indicating that she wants to eliminate, take your dog out.

Generally, a dog will poop 1 to 2 times a day; however, there are exceptions, they may do 3 to 4 times a day. That depends much on how your dogs’ eating habits are and their physical activity intensity.

If a dog tends to poop 1-5 times per day, there are many factors deciding whether it is normal or not. You must know how much food your pet consumes in the previous day, her age and her fiber diet level. Actually, an adult dog tends to defecate far less than a puppy.

Otherwise, your dog’s defecation is relatively different from normal habits. This may be because she hasn’t eaten enough. In fact, the food amount your puppy eats has a strong impact on the way she poops.

The more a dog exercises, the more she may poop. It would be better to feed your dog on a proper schedule than do this freely; otherwise, it will promote her to poop frequently.

My dog poops a lot

My dog poops a lot

If your dog poops a lot, it may indicate that she has overeaten, more than her need. Or maybe that food is not suitable for her. Make sure your dog eats enough food at her need, health condition, and lifestyle. Reduce amount or divide her food into many small meals to feed in a day, then see whether her digestion improves.

  • Don’t use leftover from the table to feed your pet dog. Moreover, you must also ensure that she does not steal anything from the kitchen or garbage bin. Because this will make your dog poop more often.
  • Changing the diet of your dog suddenly can have great impacts on her tools. You should gradually change your dog’s diet with different foods, about one week or longer. In case there is no good response, you should feed her old food.


Food has a strong impact on the defecation of your puppy; therefore, make sure to feed her well-qualified food. The cheap one usually contains a great amount of grain, particularly cornmeal, which will irritate her digestive tract as well as can lead to loose tools.

Search and use the food without wheat or corn for your dog. Read its ingredients carefully and feed her with the food containing only one kind of grain-rice as well as a certain amount of meat. If your dog has loose tools, the best way is to feed her steamed rice.

Fiber in dog food

Fiber in dog food

Too little or too much fiber can lead to diarrhea or constipation.

Fiber plays an important role in improving your dog’s digestive problem as well as controlling her weight. It is added to a dog’s diet. However, overuse can have bad effects; therefore you should carefully monitor the bowel movements of your pet dog to make sure you feed her properly.

Check the kibble's label carefully that you use for feeding your puppy as well as it fiber sources. Fiber which is of high quality will contain oats, brown rice and vegetables. Foods with wheat, white rice and corn contain lots of dispensable filler as well as aren’t for your dog’s health.

Constipated pet

Constipated pet

A dog’s constipation happens when she lacks in exercise and water intake. In that case, you should feed your dog canned pumpkin. It contains a large amount of fiber that helps to prevent compaction during the process of digesting food.

One considerable reason may be because she has swallowed anything causing to block the intestine. In that case, your dog can be vomit or in pain. It would be better to have a vet check your puppy.

Besides, extra oil contained in the food of your puppy can help in controlling constipated.

How long can a dog go without pooping?

There are many different situations. However, if your dog has not eliminated for 2 days, she might suffer from constipated. In this case, visit a veterinarian immediately will be best.


How often should a puppy poop? You have had your answer already.

A new pet puppy will give you new feeling and great fun. Make sure to feed her with high-quality food as well as train your dog properly at the beginning to avoid trouble with her for the time being.

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