What To Do When Your Dog Is In Heat? This Is Your Answer!

Is dog in heat dangerous?

Various pet owners have asked that question lately along with what to do when your dog is in heat. The answer is that dog-in-heat is an entirely ordinary phase that every female dog has to experience. If there is any threat, it must come from the male dogs.

Therefore, in this article today, I will show you what you need to do to take care of your female pet and protect her from getting pregnant. Let’s go!


What to do when your dog is in heat?

1. Try to stay at home

what to do when your dog is in heat


The first thing that you can do is to keep out of the male dogs as best as you can. When a female dog is in heat, she can become disobedient and prone to find male dogs whenever she has a chance. Also, male dogs tend to be very sensitive and can scent female-dog-in-heat very quickly.

Therefore, when your dog starts showing signs, it’s best to keep her at home and never allow her to play in the yard by herself. If you have to go outside and bring her along, such as going for a walk around the park, you can put her in a car and ride to the place.

Mainly, you should avoid all the dog shows, outdoor training, or walking off-leash. Your dog may become extremely attractive to male dogs at the shows and create a horrible mess that you definitely do not want to take the consequences.

Moreover, outdoor training and walking off-leash can get your dog out of control. However you believe her, one thing that you should always remember when it comes to dog-in-heat is that nothing is as powerful as the natural instinct.

Putting a leash around her neck means “no breeding today.” And I believe your dog will follow your order.

2. Build your pet a private place indoors

Build your pet a private place indoors

Photo credit: perlaroques via Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND

Your house can become a mess when your dog is in heat. And you are too busy to clean the house every day. That is why keeping her in your garage, basement, or somewhere that does not take too much effort to clean, is the best idea.

If you can create a beautiful and cozy little house, your dog will absolutely love it. Though she may feel that she is being punished, it only occurs in initial times, and she will slowly forget it when you come and play with her every day.

Remember to work on other methods in my article as well. She will hardly feel so anxious or show aggressive manifestations again.

3. Apply some menthol or Chlorophyll

Another method for your pet to avoid male dogs is using some menthol to her tail, or put some Chlorophyll to her drinks. As male dogs are incredibly sensitive to female dogs’ odor, doing those things can reduce the scent and make your pet less attractive.

They have also been proven safe for dogs in heat so feel free to use them. You can ask for the employees in pet stores to find the most appropriate type of your pet.

4. Giver her more care

dog care


When human women have periods, they experience relatively many levels of emotions. However, most of them are anxiety or irritation. They are easy to get excitable as well. Therefore, they need more care in times like that.

Similar to a female dog, she will go through the same emotions when she is in heat. That is why you need to spend some of your spare time taking care of her. For example, stroking her while watching T.V, brushing her hair, or playing pianissimos will perform significant effects.

Spoiling her a little is also acceptable. If she loses her appetite, you can give her meat or treats instead of dog’s foods. And if she accidentally condemns diarrhea, rice and vegetables are the most excellent choice. As long as you don’t give her food rich in fat, she will be okay.

In addition, she may be extremely sensitive to smells, which is like pregnant women. Therefore, it is best not to let her play near the kitchen and minimize the odor of male dogs. The “scent of love” can attract her anytime.

One more thing to remember is not to give her acrid foods, such as onion or garlic. They may make her stomach feel uncomfortable. Also, you should try to distract her from anxiety and relax her body by playing gentle games.

Sometimes, working on several activities and exercises is much better than staying in a tranquil state. If you have to go out and leave her home alone, you can give your dog chews and toys to keep her busy for a while.

Finally, bathing her regularly, which is at least two times a day, can contribute a significant part to her odor-minimization and keeping your house clean. Try it, and you will see how efficient it is.

5. Use dog panties

dog panties

Photo Credit: liveloveclick via www.flickr.com

A common symptom that you can see easily when your dog is in heat is bloody discharge. Or, you may say that she is having her period. In human female, it happens once a month. Nevertheless, it comes only twice a year and lasts for three weeks. The first heat usually comes when a female dog is 6-month-old.

To prevent her blood from dripping on your floor or carpet, you can wear dog panties or diapers for her. It is an efficient way to avoid male dogs from smelling her odor as well. However, both dog panties and diapers cannot stop mating from occurring.

Therefore, you still should implement the above methods to protect your pet.

6. Spay your female dog

It is recommended by not only experienced pet owners but also many veterinarians. Spaying your female dog not only makes your life more convenient but also has some advantages to your pet’s health. It will decrease the risks of the uterus and mammary cancer, which are the most dangerous diseases at present for animals.

Moreover, each year, there are millions of dogs being killed due to homeless. So, neutering your dog means that you will have a chance to make a substantial contribution to the entire of dog’s population on the planet. And prevent wild and aggressive dogs from being attracted to your female pet in heat.

Therefore, you should start taking your dog to a veterinarian when she is old enough, which is about over two years old. Neutering before that time may cause some complications due to her insufficient physical and also mental conditions.

Until then, she will have at least 3 to 5 cycles of heat so pay attention.

7. Ask your veterinarian for more advice


Similar to human, each dog has a different body with distinct characteristics and daily habits. Although being in heat is not an illness and should not be treated as one, seeing a veterinarian to have deeper understandings about your dog is not redundant at all.

He will tell you what you should and should not do with her, as well as how to take care of her during tender moments. And you will definitely be able to avoid unexpected problems that may cause you huge inconvenience as well.


Have you found out what to do when your dog is in heat?

I hope the information I give you is not too hard to understand. And I also expect that your house will look beautiful and clean after you apply my methods.

If you think my article can be beneficial for some others pet owners around you, do share it. I believe it will be a tremendous help for them. Furthermore, in case you have any questions or opinions, feel free to send me. I would love to discuss how to take proper care of dogs with you.

Regardless, thank you for reading my article, and I will see you in my subsequent writing.

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