Why Do Dogs Lick Their Butts And Why Should You Know?

From time to time, there are many researches to prove the intelligence of dogs and how dogs can be friends with the human. It is an amazing connection and beautiful experience for anyone who owns a dog in their family. Similarly to human, dogs have their language. Even though we don’t live in their worlds, you should learn to know how to read it. Understanding your dog makes it easier to treat and feed them properly. So why do dogs lick their butts?

Here are some explanations may surprise you.


1. Your Dogs Wants To Clean His Butt. That's It!

dog lick his butt

Dogs are one of the most self-cleaned animals according to their instinct. There is no toilet tissue produced for dogs, and it is impossible for you to “wait for the show” every time and give a little help to clean it. The best way is DIY (do-it-yourself) which is to lick their butts.

Yes, whenever they feel dirty this area, they will lick it. You will recognize this behavior when they do it after pooping, or they just lick several times until their butts are clean and they stop.

2. Your Dogs Are Suffering From Internal Parasites

This issue can relate to the food, or maybe the water that brings internal parasites. They are roundworms, whipworms, tapeworms, and hookworms live inside the dogs’ organ. They are alive, and they are moving. They will withdraw all nutrition from your pets to survive. That is why the dogs feel uncomfortable. The feeling is like there is something inside and you can’t get rid of this.

During our childhood, we have probably experienced this and prevented by taking the special medicines. It applies the same to your dogs. If you don’t want your dog to suffer from diarrhea, vomiting or lacking nutrition, you should visit the vet. They will give some medicine to kill the worms inside. Later they will just go out through the normal digestion process.

3. Again, Another Parasite, But This One Is External

Flea, ticks, and mites can be counted as a cause for your dogs to click their butts. These tiny animals will suck all the blood out. Of course, they can do it in other parts of the body, but butt hole is “delicious.” Sometimes, you will see the red dots around, like a mosquito bite. It is better to find out and treat by bathing with a specific shampoo or by grooming the fur shortly.

flea ticks mites

Photo credit: foter.com

4. Your Dogs Are In Pain This Area Due To Skin Infection

Anal area is easily infected as there are full of bacteria. This is an open area that creates an opportunity for strange species to go inside the body. It is even worse if your dogs live under the hot weather or polluted environment. Just a small scratch can make it very irritated. Your dogs may feel painful when they poop, and sometimes it can cause bleeding.

5. Other Anal Gland Issues

Any problems related to anal gland makes your dogs’ butts itching, swollen. Sometimes there is a fluid comes out. Licking their butts is a sign of scratching. It must be terribly uncomfortable if you noticed. It can be an infection or a wound. Whatever it is, please bring your dog to the vet for proper treatment.

dog butts

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Yes, the best way for your dogs to stop licking their butts is to visit the vets. Doctors will take a sample of their stools to go for a test. Normally, a simple medicine or cream would help.So get back to the main question: Why should you know reasons your dogs lick their butts?

  • To treat them properly: bring them to the vets or change the food and water or apply the cream or simply groom them
  • To give them a better living condition: dogs are considered our friends. We can’t let our friends suffering
  • To prevent transmitted diseases to your family: we probably kiss and hug dogs, or even sleep together. There might be a chance to get the same diseases your dogs have


Dogs will scratch or touch the areas makes them uncomfortable. This is a natural instinct of any kinds of animals, including human. If you pay attention to your dogs every day, you will not miss these weird behaviors and try to treat your dogs properly.

Why do dogs lick their butts? Now you can understand and please don’t underestimate it. It may risk not only your dogs’ life but also your family’s

Tina Bray

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