Why Does My Dog Sit On My Feet? Should You Worry About That?

Animals can't talk to the human, so they choose to show out through their behaviors. Dogs are the best friends of the human being. If you own a dog, you might recognize that he or she usually sits on your feet instead of other places in your house. Are you curious about this cute action? Do you want to find out the answer to the question “ Why does my dog sit on my feet?” Let’s get started!


Why Does My Dog Sit On My Feet?

#1. Your Dogs Want to Show Their Love to You

 Why Does My Dog Sit On My Feet

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You might know the fact that when you go out for a long day, your dogs might feel like being in hell. You are everything to them, and they just want to be with you every time. When they’re sitting on your feet, looking at you, they are saying: “Please don’t go anywhere without me, I love you!” This cuteness makes it so hard to leave them alone, right?

#2. Your Dogs Are Guarding You

Sitting on your feet may be the sign that your dogs want to keep you for themselves. At first, this seems that they are protective, but in fact, they will become possessive and think that you belong to only them. When someone is approaching you, they might show their teeth or other rude manners. In worst cases, they might even start to snap anything getting close to you, such as other people or pets.

Therefore, you need to show your dogs that this aggressive behavior is not acceptable. What you need to do is ignoring them till they stop. But you shouldn’t yell or swat at them because you will make them see that they still have your attention.

 Your Dogs Are Guarding You

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If you’re talking to someone while your dogs are sitting on your feet, you shouldn’t fondle them. Otherwise, they might understand that their behavior is encouraged, and they can be jealous of you. Therefore, you need to teach them to stop this by standing up and moving to another place. This shows that you don’t belong to them exclusively.

#3. Your Dogs Might Be Nervous

If your dogs might feel scared something around, they will want to be protected. As a result, they come to you and sit on your feet to feel secure and calm. You will know that they are scared by numerous signs. For examples, their ears are flattened towards the skull, or their tails are put between the legs or dragged on the ground.

To calm your dogs, you can scratch them under their chins. You need to do this very gently because a nervous dog tends to be freaked out easily, and they might nip or hurt you by their bladder accidentally.

 Your Dogs Might Be Nervous

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If your dogs have this behavior, this means they are not taken care well or left alone for a long time. Of course, some dogs are used to be left alone, but some are not. So, if you often have long trips, your dogs will follow you whenever you return, and of course, they will sit on your feet.

#4. Your Dogs Might Show Their Dominance

Your dogs might press against your leg, mount your calf or bark at you without any reason but still snuggle in your feet. I don’t usually see these behaviors, but if your dogs express one of them, they might want to challenge your ability as a pack leader.

In this case, you should take your dogs outside or get something for them to play with. In short, do anything to distract their attention. On the other hand, if you let them do what they want, they might think they’re the boss and can do whatever they like, such as marking in your house, jumping out of the front door right when you open it, pulling you on the walk, etc.

 Your Dogs Might Show Their Dominance

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Another reason why your dogs sit on your feet is that they just want to be near around you and want your petting or cuddle which is one of their most favorite moments.


Dogs are emotional, and they truly love their owner. Whenever you are happy or sad, they’re always with you. So, don’t be shy to share with them your loving cuddles, and cherish their love for you.

The post is our answer to your question “Why does my dog sit on my feet?”. Hope that it helps you know better about the fascinating language of dogs. If you have any question, please let us know by leaving your comment in the box below. Thank you for reading!

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